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Group Coaching

Group Meeting

Group coaching enhances health and life through behavior change. My Coach-My Way offers a health-focused group coaching course in Greenwich, fostering improved daily habits. Collective approach harnesses group knowledge and experience for effective solutions, feedback, and creative brainstorming. Joint effort towards shared goals motivates individuals to overcome challenges and achieve desired results.

Challenges need to be overcome:

Developing a new habit on your own can be intimidating, but observing the learning processes of other participants and observing them try out, regulate, and repeat their new behaviors can help you gain the confidence and motivation to initiate your transformational change.

Through comprehensive guidance, you will learn how to implement a healthier, more confident, and better lifestyle and ultimately achieve the goals you need to sustain together. I always devise a practical plan to help you overcome your life challenges and find a better lifestyle for you.

Through our group coaching, you'll:

  • Explore possibilities

  • Discover yourself

  • Find your core values

  • Maintain healthy habits

  • Find a constant positive behavioral change

  • Give yourself grace

  • Create Beliefs that support you

  • Gain clarity in your thoughts

  • Develops communication skills

  • Adopts reflection and greater self-awareness through discussion and feedback

  • Find motivation for independent continuous learning

  • Find Group Coaching for improving health

Let’s do the first steps together! Contact me now!
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