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Hi I’m Helma,

I am so excited that you’re interested in hearing more from me and how to step into inner freedom and feeling alive and creating a life you love.


Let me share a little bit about my own journey

 I'm a certified Transformational Life and Health Coach, and I am enjoying my days no matter how long my to do list might be. I am also at peace with myself and who I am. But life hasn't always been this way for me. 

As a mother of four from 3-13 years, living in a foreign country (we are a German family that moved to the US 6 years ago) and a husband that really has a busy job I used to be stressed and overwhelmed a lot. I know how it feels to be trapped in a never-ending cycle of busyness, mental load and struggle. And of course there was all this old baggage I carried around in my heart for decades. (Sounds familiar?)


However, I discovered a newfound sense of inner freedom that transformed my life and it came into my life through coaching. Today I've found peace and joy, and I fully enjoy my life and the way I am creating it. 

Of course, there are moments that are still challenging or stressful - but that happens way less often. And those incidences become shorter and they aren’t as intense as they used to be.

But most important: The state of being stressed, overwhelmed and worried is not an underlying condition anymore. And that has been such a huge shift in my life and it had and incredible ripple effect in all the areas of my life.


If it's possible for me to create a life of inner freedom and fulfillment, it's possible for you too. No matter where you are in your journey, no matter what challenges you're facing, I believe that you have the power within you to overcome them and create a life you love. Together, we'll explore the tools, strategies, and mindset shifts that will empower you to step into your own greatness, find your authentic self and embrace the freedom that is waiting for you.

I can't wait to support you as you explore your own path to feeling free and alive and creating a life you love.

My Mission:

My mission is to empower individuals to discover their inner freedom, embrace balance, and find lasting joy, guiding them on a personalized journey to create a life they truly love.

My Vision:

My vision is a world where every person is inspired to break free from limitations, live with vitality, and radiate happiness, fostering a community of empowered individuals who have transformed their lives on their own terms.

I founded MYCOACH - MYWAY out of a profound belief that true transformation comes when we honor each individual's unique path, offering personalized guidance that leads to feeling free, alive, and deeply fulfilled.

How I work:

I specialize in empowering individuals like you to find inner freedom, balance, and joy. Whether it's improving work-life balance, enhancing relationships, clarifying values, or discovering your purpose, I'll guide you every step of the way. 


We'll work together to identify where you feel stuck, set clear goals, build empowering habits, and let go of what keeps you trapped. Through our sessions, you'll gain clarity, start trusting yourself and your intuition, change your perspective, and learn tools to overcome stress and overwhelm.


With compassion and understanding, we'll unlock your true potential and create lasting change within the safe space of a judgment free zone in a coaching session.

Let's break free from the chains of your busy schedule and internal and external expectations.

We will uncover your hidden perfectionism, so you can relax and become open to new experiences, feelings and possibilities. We create structures that support your path to liberation and changes to the better. We will grow your mindset of allowing and giving yourself permission to take breaks, take care of yourself and to enjoy your day. I will provide you with my system of the Golden Values & Sacred Time to lay the foundation of creating your day and feeling fulfilled and accomplished at the end of the day instead of feeling depleted and empty or frustrated.


Reach out to me today to start your transformative journey towards a brighter, more fulfilling life with you in your own drivers seat. 


Together, we'll unlock your full potential and embrace a life of inner freedom, joy, and balance.

Release Negativity:​
  • Negative emotions   

  • Self-Doubts

  • Anger

  • Stress, anxiety, and worries

  • Bad habits around health

  • Feeling stuck, unfree and trapped

  • Shame and guilt

  • Pressure

  • Overwhelm

  • Emotional baggage

  • Negative mindset

  • Expectation

  • Perfectionism 

  • Procrastination

  • Feeling empty, frustrated and unhappy

Gain Positivity:​
  • Confident Personality

  • Become empowered

  • Positive behavioral change

  • Peace of mind and at ease

  • Healthy lifestyle

  • Learn to give yourself permission

  • Free yourself from guilt and shame

  • Productivity

  • Find more focus

  • Improve your energy

  • Gain clarity about your goals, visions and what you want in your life

  • Overcome emotional eating, gain food freedom

  • Find your way (back) to you

  • Experience inner freedom  

  • Let go of restrictions, guilt, shame and 

  • Find your authentic self

  • Get in alignment with your goals and visions

  • Learn to stand up for yourself and to set boundaries

  • Find your growth mindset

How It's Effective For You:


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