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Feel Free and Alive

90 Day Program


This coaching program is developed specifically for a complete transition to sustainable and long-lasting behavior change into a better lifestyle. Its goal is to facilitate this transition in its entirety. This program aims to help you structure your lifestyle by making changes to your habits to bring more positivity into your life. Various activities and coaching strategies are being implemented as part of this program. Avail of the service of 90 days of coaching to improve your health as it is the best health consultation coaching by 90 days challenge in Greenwich.

How does It work?

Identify Problems

As your professional coach, I will spend the first phase working to understand all the challenges and negative patterns obstructing your path to growth and success. I will do this by working with you. I will work with you to find solutions to the issues that keep you up at night in your everyday life. Always remember that the cornerstone of a healthy and peaceful lifestyle is having a crystal-clear understanding of yourself and the world around you.

Make A Strategy

In the following stage, we will work on streamlining or reorganizing your routines in order to make improvements to your lifestyle. The primary objective is to bring about a favorable shift in your routines and put that shift into practice in your daily life. This will show you how making those small adjustments to your routine will completely alter your perspective on life, from the way you live your life on a daily basis to the way you think about things. In this program, I will work together to devise a strategy for setting realistic goals. Because of this, you’ll be able to start concentrating on the things that really matter and become more productive as a result.

Final Implementation

In the final stage, you will learn how to keep up your healthy routines in order to have a successful lifestyle. As your Lifestyle evolves, you will continue to focus on habit trigger points and routine patterns to make improvements. A process that involves the formation of consistent learning habits frees up more time for you to excel at whatever it is you decide to focus on in your life. 

What You Will Gain

  • Self-Improvement

  • Peaceful mind

  • Power to overcome inner challenges, overthinking, and fears

  • Complete transformation through habit change

  • Stress-coping strategies

  • Self-esteem

Let’s do the first steps together! Contact me now!
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