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Welcome to MyCoach - MyWay

Your Way to a Better Life where inner freedom, balance, and joy  are at the heart of my mission. Play video to learn more.

Coaching & Trainings

Find out whether you can benefit from my coaching services or my trainings:


Choose 1-1 or group coaching for tailored support. Unlock your potential, achieve success, and create the life you've dreamed of. Let's embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment together!

Catalyst Trainings

Experience the transformative power of my Catalyst Trainings, designed to unlock your true potential. Through an immersive 8-week journey, you'll gain clarity, purpose, and self-discovery, letting go of uncertainty and embracing a future filled with passion and direction.



Working with Helma was life-changing! She guided me to overcome job dissatisfaction, discover my passions, and redefine my life vision. With her support, I tapped into my inner strengths and now embrace challenges with excitement. Thanks to my incredible coach, I have experienced a ripple effect of positive changes in various areas of my life through our 90-day program. Her motto, "Everything you want is on the other side of fear," continues to transform me for the better.

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Certified Transformational Health & Life Coach

I'm Helma, a proud mother of four, and I know firsthand how essential it is to find balance in life. From overwhelm and chasing perfection, I've crafted a free, fulfilling life. 


My journey led me to become a Certified Life & Health Coach, a calling born from my own experiences. In our fast-paced world, striking a balance between health, happiness, and the demands of life is an uphill task. I'm here to walk with you as a partner on your unique journey. Let's uncover your potential and empowering techniques for YOUR well-being.


My goal? To help you thrive with inner freedom, joy, and fulfillment. Let's team up to make positive, lasting changes that resonate with your dreams.


Reach out to me, and let's start your journey to feeling FREE & ALIVE and creating a LIFE YOU LOVE.

Get the Freedom Guide!

- A Practical Guide to Finding Inner Peace and Freedom in 5 Simple Steps!

Find your path to feeling Free & Alive - My Freedom Guide is a practical guide to finding Inner Peace and Freedom in 5 simple steps. Get it here.

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